Punch Card Collator Machine Help

This is currently a minimal implementation of the IBM 085/087 Collator machines.

The input hoppers are located in the upper right. Output stackers are located in the lower middle. The hoppers and stackers behave in the normal fashion, except that blank cards cannot be placed in the hopper (this may need to change).

The program panel is implemented as a properties file. currently, this file must be edited external from the simulation. The START, STOP, RUNOUT, and RESET buttons should function as on original equipment, with the exception that switches do not requires holding down. The run rate is set to 20 cards per second.

Programming is done by a "properties" file, that contains lines of the format "name = value". Referencing the original equipment programming panel, the following are supported:

GroupHubsPurposeProperty Syntax
SECONDARY READ1-80Card Cols 1-80s.1 - s.80
PRIMARY READ1-80Card Cols 1-80p.1 - p.80
SEQUENCE READ1-80Card Cols 1-80q.1 - q.80
PRIMARY SEQUENCE ENTRY1-16Comparatorpq1 - pq16
SEQUENCE ENTRY1-16Comparatorsq1 - sq16
PRIMARY SELECTOR ENTRY1-16Comparatorps1 - ps16
SECONDARY SELECTOR ENTRY1-16Comparatorss1 - ss16
LOW SECDYSelector exitslowSecdy
EQUALSelector exitsequal
LOW PRISelector exitslowPri
HIGH SEQSequence exitslowSeq
EQUAL SEQSequence exitsequalSeq
LOW SEQSequence exitslowSeq
PILOT SELECTORS X PUX pick-ups1x - s11x
D PUdigit pick-ups1d - s11d
I PUimmediate pick-ups1i - s11i
Ttransfer positions1t1 - s11tN
Nnormal positions1n1 - s11nN
Ccommon positions1c1 - s11cN
PLUG TO C(1)All cyclesall
???(1)Card cyclescards
SECDY SEL 4Functional entrysecdySel4
SECDY SEL 3Functional entrysecdySel3
PRI SELFunctional entrypri
SECDY FDFunctional entrysecdyFd
PRI FEEDFunctional entrypriFeed
PRI EJECTFunctional entryeject
ERROR STOPFunctional entryerror


Property names are expected to represent ENTRY hubs, and generally do not contain a width (field width is determined by source(s)).

In the property value, a set of hubs (a field) may be designated by adding an asterisk and the number of hubs in the field. It is generally expected that all sets of hubs in a given property will be the same width, and that width determines the property width.

Single items (cycles, controls, etc) must not have a field width specified.

Selectors do not have a limit on positions (contact sets). N may be any practical number (CO-SELECTORS are not needed). The position numbers should start at "1" and be kept contiguous. Keep in mind that related C, N, and T contacts must have the same position number.