Heathkit GC1005 Digital Alarm Clock Simulator

Java application to provide a functioning replica of the famous Heathkit GC-1005 digital alarm clock, circa 1972.

Right-click on clock for menu. Because window has no "decorations", you will need to use native GUI meta-keys to move clock on screen. For example, Gnome-3 uses the "Windows" key combined with mouse click-drag.

Uses a properties file "~/.gc1005.rc" which will be created if it does not exist.

Has an "auto-time" mode where it does not require manual setting and always displays your computer's time.

Alarm volume defaults to 50%, but even that may be loud. Supports snooze as well. Alarm/snooze are controlled using the (right-click) menu.


The complete source, and pre-built JAR, are available at:

My Downloads Page


You may contact me at durgadas311@gmail.com

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